Chromebit hits the shops

dsc04016Google and ASUS’s $85 computer in a stick is officially in the shops.

Chromebit is a full Chrome OS-based computer on an HDMI stick all you need to do is find a TV with an HDMI port to plug it into.

It comes with 16GB of onboard storage (in the form of relatively cheap and slow eMMC storage and 2GB of RAM.

It has a dedicated charger, but unlike the Chromecast, it also features a USB port. The Rockchip-based Chromebit comes in “Cacao Black” and “Tangerine Orange”.

You can connect to it to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard although the USB port allows you to plug in wired peripherals too.

As a full Chrome OS machine, you can pretty much run any web app on it. So that means movies and TV shows from Google Play, Netflix or Hulu. But its main use is as a computer which only uses web apps. It could also turn any modern screen into a single-app kiosk in a hotel or store, for example.

Of course it is not the fastest but the quad-core Rockchip SoC is perfectly usable.