Chipzilla pushes into China with Rockchip deal

Fashion bag maker Chipzilla has hatched out a way to push into the busy Chinese market by doing a deal with Chinese mobile chipmaker Rockchip.

Under the deal, Rockchip will to make chips for inexpensive tablets running Google Android platform for Intel.

Rockchip makes low-end mobile devices that often cost less than $100 and are popular in China. Intel gains access to Rockchip’s ability to quickly launch inexpensive mobile chips as well as access to the company’s strong relationships with local Chinese manufacturers who would not think about buying an Intel chip.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that Rockchip was bringing a speed and execution that would not otherwise get done. They also bring these relationships and partnerships that go well beyond what Intel can manage.

Under the agreement, Rockchip and Intel will make a quad-core mobile chip using Intel’s architecture and branding, Intel said.

Krzanich said the agreement with Rockchip does not include an investment between the two companies. Intel said the chip will include 3G connectivity and be available in the first half of 2015.