Chip revenues fell in 2015

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsA report from Gartner said revenues from semiconductors worldwide amounted to $333.7 billion last year, a 1.9 percent fall compared to 2014.

Gartner said a number of factors accounted for the decline including oversupply, a strong dollar and weak demand for electronic kit.

Memory fell by 0.6 percent during the year.

Intel, which has been the top semiconductor company for years, saw a 1.2 percent decline in revenues because of slow demand for PCs. Intel has a 15.5 percent market share and has been number one for 24 years.

Samsung grew by 11.8 percent and held number two position, followed by SK Hynix, Qualcomm, Micron, Texas Instruments and Toshiba.

Samsung’s growth was helped by its memory business.

A price war in manufacturers of NAND memory hurt the profitability of the manufacturers specialising in that sector but did mean the price of solid state drives fell.