Chip conference in McMarrakesh closes

It’s been a lot of fun attending this chip conference. There’s only me, so I’ve had to talk to myself a bit. But you discover odd things at chip conferences, even solo ones.

For instance, Jon Carvill, senior chip spinner at GlobalFoundries (GloFo) and before that at AMD nee ATI wrote a nice letter to us hacks to tell us this is his last week jetsetting between Singapore, Dresden, Fishkill and the rest for AMD’s spinoff. That has prompted much speculation about where he will be going next.

Anyway, what a juxtaposition of worlds Marrakech represents. The following photos say a lot. LibyaOil and KFC are bang next to each other. The third photo shows the place blown up last week with some casualties.  The roads are quite terrifying here, but compared to Bangalore’s 100 Feet Road, they’re a doddle, touch wood.

No, sorry we have no idea who the lass on the left in the last photo is. Toodle pip!