Chinese hit iPhone with propaganda

The glorious Chinese armed forces are turning out a propaganda app for the iPhone.

China’s Ministry of Defence announced it was releasing an official app for iPhones and iPads to let users keep up on People’s Liberation Army (PLA) doings.

Basically it is a newsreader app that lets users view press releases, pictures and video from official military outlets like the PLA Daily newspaper.

Chatting to the China Daily, Peng Guangqian, a retired PLA general and a strategist at China’s Academy of Military Science, said that cooperation with a cool company like Apple will help the military be more hip and transparent.

However there are some slight problems with Guangquian’s cunning plan. Firstly Steve Jobs does not approve of other totalitarian governments spreading propaganda on his tool and has banned the application.

This means that it is only possible for the Chinese to get their message out on jailbroken iPhones and Jobs will never give his blessing to those.

This means that the army is hoping for individuals who stand up to authoritarian regimes to buy its propaganda tool and read how wonderful its authoritarian regime actually is.

There’s no word yet on an app for the rival Android mobile operating system. It is somewhat telling that China is keener to do business with Apple and does not want the more open saucy Android. It might have something to do with the fact that Google is not on its Christmas Card list.