China Godson chip to take great leap forward

A scientist at the Beijing Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) has described the future of its Godson microprocessor.

According to the report, in EE Times, Wei-wu Hu outlined a series of chips in the Godson family including a server processor.

The report says that there will be several more microprocessors built on a 65 nanometre process to be released this year, and the ICT intends to migrate the process straight to 28 nanometres in the next generation.

Godson’s high end part – based on MIPS technology – has eight cores, a clock speed of up to 1GHz and eats up 40 watts, said EE Times. It is being built by ST Microelectronics and is 300 square millimetres. The chip is called the 464V and includes 200 instructions to emulate X86 CPUs.

Large Chinese manufacturer Dawning will use a 16 core Godson 3C to create a system capable of delivering petaflops.