China becomes largest auto MEMS market

It is China which has become the largest market for sales in automotive MEMS, reaching $194.3 million for 2010 and should hit $387.9 million in 2015.

That means a compound annual growth rate in the five year period up to 2015 of 14.8 percent, which analysts at IHS claim is impressively higher than the worldwide 9.0 percent average.

The number of sensors per verhicle in China should be 10 by 2015, thanks to the increasing addition of airbags and tire-pressure monitoring systems, the latter often making us of 4.2 MEMS units in a car. China’s efforts to look at reducing carbon emissions are a factor, too, when the sale of basic engine sensors picks up.

Tire pressure monitoring systems will be heavily adopted by China including in high end vehicles, according to IHS.

Altogether, IHS claims China will be number three. The USA and Europe will hold pole and second position, respectively. Japan is just behind China.

One company which is managing to capitalise on the opportunity in MEMS is Infineon. Its CEO recently stated how important the MEMS industry is for Infineon and wants its chip designs to feature even more predominantly in vehicles and machinery.  A deal between Infineon and Analog Devices Inc. helped further MEMS when they agreed to work together to provide sensors and semiconductors for airbag hardware design.

The lion’s share of MEMS in China, though, is German Bosch GmbH. It has a deal with Freescale for airbags.