Cedar Trail will see 30-50 percent price drop

Intel appears set to launch its Cedar Trail platform in September at cut prices, as it finally cottons on to the cash that can be drawn from mobile computing.

According to netbook industry sources close to Digitimesthe prices for Cedar Trail are likely to see a substantial drop of 30 to 50 percent from the current range of low power Atom processors.

With Atom N4xx and N5xx series CPUs costing around $64-86, the sources believe that Cedar Trail could be as low as $42-47, claiming that next generation netbooks could cost between $199-299.

Intel may be shifting its netbook focus to Brazil and India, hoping to capitalise on the price advantage, while the low power consumption processors will also be able to target tablets across the world.

This will be a long awaited move to the 32 nanometre process technology for its low end chips, not just by consumers but clearly by Intel itself which seemed worried that it is losing “relevancy” in the market as it shifts away from the traditional model.

In fact, at the launch of the recent Oak Trail, it was clear that Cedar Trail would be the important release as it faces competition from ARM chips, with Intel spending much of the Oak Trail briefing harping on about the forthcoming platform release.

Now Intel is pinning its hopes on the Cedarview-M and Cedarview-D CPUs, driving sales by allowing thin and light fanless designs of netbooks, tablets and nettops.

The new platform will be capable of supporting both the current Windows 7 and forthcoming Windows 8 versions, as well as that MeeGo operating system, with ASP varying depending on choice.