Bulldozer based Opterons here on 26 September

The dark satanic rumour mill appears to have got some release dates for AMD’s new chips based on its Bulldozer cores.

It looks like the first Opteron server processors to feature its new Bulldozer cores will arrive on 26 September.

PC Mag quotes someone who saw the roadmap that AMD is looking at the 26 September release date for its new Opteron 4200 series, codenamed Valencia, and Opteron 6200 series, codenamed Interlagos.

AMD is touting its next-generation Bulldozer core as the biggest change in x86 servers in a decade. It claims that the new cores offer over 50 percent more throughput than AMD’s current 12-core Opterons for the same about of juice.

A redesigned memory controller will provide a 30 percent boost to memory performance and a flexible 256-bit floating point unit.

The Opteron 4200 series will feature processors with either six or eight Bulldozer cores. Interlagos will be the top of the range in the new server lineup. The upcoming Opteron 6200 series will have chips with 12 and 16 Bulldozer cores.

Valencia is the next stage in AMD’s Opteron 4000 series aimed at single-socket and dual-socket, energy efficient servers. It will be succeeded in 2012 by a CPU codenamed Sepang that has up to ten Bulldozer cores.

Interlagos continues the Opteron 6000 series which debuted with the Magny-Cours chips in March 2010.