Broadwell delayed until end of the year

Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich has promised that the fashion bag maker will pause in its interest in catwalks for five minutes around Christmas to release the next-generation Broadwell processors.

This means that they will make it for the Christmas sales but will be too late for back-to-school shopping.

Speaking to Reuters  at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California, on Saturday, Krzanich said that following setbacks implementing new manufacturing technology, announced last October, but Intel is on schedule to ship its Broadwell chips to PC manufacturers.

The timing of new chip rollouts is important to Intel and manufacturers looking to sell new PCs with better battery life and higher speeds.

Krzanich guaranteed Broadwell would be ready for the holiday and not at the last second of holiday.

However getting it into the shops for the back to school boom is tight. To get that market you have to be on-shelf in July, August. That might be too tough, he said.

It is the most precise that Intel has been about the release date for Broadwell. In a recent quarterly conference call with analysts in April Krzanich said that he expected Intel’s customers to launch Broadwell-based products in the second half of 2014.

The back-to-school season around August, when parents sometimes buy new PCs for their children, has provided smaller sales bumps for PC makers recently and many analysts think that it is no big deal not to have Broadwell ready for this market.

The November/December US holiday season is still viewed as an important time to sell consumer electronics as everyone wants a computer for Christmas, right?.