Broadwell-DE embedded into motherboards

Intel wants to get into dense board design by embedding Broadwell-DE high-performance server chips onto motherboards.

Broadwell-DE are Chipzilla’s first chips with a system-on-a-chip design, cannot be slotted which enables a more dense board design.

Shannon Poulin, vice president and general manager of Intel Data Center Marketing Group said the chips will ship in the second half of 2014 or early 2015.

It will put Intel into the dense computer market alongside Dell and HP who are condensing servers to eke out more performance while cutting data-centre electric bills.

Poulin said the SOC design removes potential bottlenecks, but the slotted server chips have access to more memory and power, which helps increase performance.

He told PC World  that the chips will have a wide range of I/O controllers and can be adapted for storage and networking systems.

Broadwell-DE chips are faster compared to the company’s Atom-based server-based chips, which will offer lower power consumption. They also use Intel’s 14-nanometer process.

Intel is also due to release Xeon server chips code-named Grantley, based on Haswell, in the second half of next year.

Next year will see it have to deal with ARM which will be releasing its own server chips.