Big Blue spills beans on 22nm

IBM suits have adjusted their ties and released a chip which they think proves they can get funky with all these young low powered whipper snappers.

Details of the 22-nanometer chip were shown off at the the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco.

IBM insists that the new chip, which could be aimed at mobiles, has serious business use in servers so the chip might not be as with-it as it appears.

Biggish Blue researcher S. Narasimha said IBM’s 22-nm process uses partially depleted silicon-on-insulator. IBM has apparently prototyped “a number of server processors” in the node that achieve latency below 1.5 ns and 750 MHz random clock cycles.

Narasimha refused to say what IBM will do with the 22-nm node, he said the goal was to provide 25 to 35 percent boosts to what has gone before.

This meant that server processors could run up to 5.5 GHz and others with up to 80 Mbytes embedded DRAM, EE Times reports.