ATIC plunges $3.5 billion more into GloFo

Global Foundries (GloFo) said today that it has obtained more investment from its owner ATI (Advanced Technology Investment Company) to expand its fabrication plants.

Doug Grose, the CEO of GloFo (pictured left), said at a press conference here in Taiwan that it will increase capacity at its Dresden Fab 1 to increase overall output to 80,000 wafers a month for 45, 40 and 28 nanometre capacities. It will also expand the clean room shell at its New York Fab 8 to deliver 60,000 wafers a month for 20, 22, and 28 nanometre capacities.

TechEye understands the total investment will amount to close to $3.5 billion.

Fab 8 in New York State will make the cleanroom shell 300,000 square feet, while Fab 1 will involve building a new facility of 110,000 square feet to produce the 80,000 wafers in the space of two years.

But the CEO of ATIC, Ibrahim Ajami, also has ambition plans for Abu Dhabi. He said the Abu Dhabi government in conjunction with ATIC has an ambitious scheme to build a semiconductor cluster in a facility next to the airport.

He said: “Abu Dabhi has the fifth largest reserve of gas and the sixth largest reserve of oil in the world. But oil is not infinite and one day it will run out which is why we’ve created the Abu Dhabi vision for 2030.”

That plan, he said included investment in aviation and aerospace, in tourism, in telecomms, in oil and gas, in semiconductors and in renewable energy.

“Global Foundries is key that strategy,” he said. “Our plan is to bring the semiconductor industry to Abu Dhabi one day.” He said: “We will not build a semiconductor fab in Abu Dhabi tomorrow. First, we’ll build and invest in Global Foundries and we’ll also invest in Abu Dhabi over the next five years.” Part of that plan is to build up the educational and technological infrastructure required. Global Foundries will be at the heart of that.” He said: “We’ll build a semiconductor polytechnic in Abu Dhabi.”

Those plans, he said, are complementary to the investments ATIC is making in Dresden, Singapore and New York. Ajami said that he wouldn’t rule out further acquisitions but Grose said that there were no plans to make such acquisitions in the short term.

Earlier this year, rumours bubbled that ATIC planned to acquire the second largest foundry in Taiwan after TSMC, UMC. TSMC, Grose acknowledged, is its biggest competitor.