ATIC, GloFo, AMD have Abu Dhabi Llano love-in

ATIC, the Middle Eastern parent company and prime investor of GlobalFoundries, has been busy talking up how well AMD fits into life in Abu Dhabi.

Advanced Technology Investment Company, or ATIC, is an – er – investment company owned by the Mubadala Development Company. That in turn is the government of Abu Dhabi’s prime investment powerhouse and has Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince, as its chairman. 

Spokespeople were keen to demonstrate the 32nm APU Llano at Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World conference.  But it sounds more like it was high-fives all round as reps from GloFo, AMD and ATIC gushed over each other. Rick Bergman, General Manager of AMD’s product group was there to give a presentation about Llano while “highlighting the role” of GloFo in bringing the APUs out.

Jim Ballingall, a marketing vice president at GloFo, said the money it gets from ATIC is “reshaping the landscape of the entire semiconductor industry,” before patting AMD on the back with Llano, talking about the first High-k Metal Gate product to be produced by any foundry.

Ibrahim Ajami, ATIC’s CEO,  underlined the importance of the semiconductor industry to Abu Dhabi. Speaking, presumably, to some other delegates as well as his friends in AMD and GloFo, he said that ATIC really is driving advances in technology to suit the customer and the market. Llano is undisputable proof that the Mubadala, AMD, GloFo and ATIC tie is a good one.

Ferrari World, where the three met, is the world’s first and largest indoor Ferrari-themed amusement park.