ATI-AMD sells 16 million 5000 series GPUs

AMD seems to have made the right gamble when it came to releasing ATI graphics cards in time for the release of DirectX 11.

Numbers indicate that AMD shipped more than 16 million of the 5000 series in the last nine months.

That is an increase of nearly 87 percent over the results from the prior year.  Even with a boost in consumer sales in the wake of the recession, 87 percent is an indication the outfit did something right.

It has also got a huge march on Nvidia which has only three GPUs in the game. ATI has 12 different GPUs in every price point.

The Green Goblin controls most of the market, but ATI can take a quantum of solace that it has dented Nvidia badly. 

Part of the reason that ATI did not do better is because Direct X11 has not exactly been embraced by the software companies yet.

While there is no doubt that AMD took a risk in shoving out DirectX 11 based chips, there is a shortage of games that use the technology.

This strikes us as odd.  With the sort of numbers of DirectX11 cards out there we would expect to see a lot more games using the technology.

Software companies have started to become a lot more conservative about the technology they are basing their games upon.  The fact that there has been no headlong rush to DirectX 11 might make hardware makers a bit shy when it comes to bringing in new gear.

When it was announced that ATI was releasing all these cards, some of us felt that this was a “brave move”.  True, it paid off, and the cards shifted.  But users don’t seem to be getting any real benefit.