Asus confuses on packaging labels

AMD users who are looking at Asus motherboards have been moaning that the outfit has not been providing kosher information on what ships the beast will support.

According to ITWire, the labelling on the packaging is stuffed up and saying that some motherboards will support some AMD chips when they clearly can’t.

For example, the M4A78LT-M LE motherboard, which is sold in Australia, states on the box that it supports the AMD Phenom II.

This would be a bit of a miracle if it could. The board only supports processors up to 95 watts and the Phenom II sold in Australia is 125 watts.

Actually there is nothing on the labelling of this processor to indicate watt’s watt and this leans some to think that there is more than one of this kind of processor.

Part of Asus’s problem is that one of the people who bought the wrong motherboard was the IT hack Sam Varghese who is clearly not going to let this “bitter experience” go. He collared an Asus representative and asked why the legend was on the box. Asus offered to provide him with a board that would run the processor I had bought, the six-core X6 1055T.

The Phenom II was released in April last year and the first releases were 125 watts. Later, the company released a 95-watt version, but only in the US, Europe and Japan.

AMD said it had not got a clue why the 95 watt version had not been released in Australia and admitted that the labelling was “not ideal”.

Apparently there are other cases online of punters who were misled in the same way that Sam was. Asus did not provide an answer to the conundrum.