ASRock reveals more about AMD's new AM3+ socket

Motherboard maker ASRock has published a guide to AM3+ motherboards which lets slip a few trade secrets that AMD would not be too happy about.

The guide warns that the forthcoming Socket AM3+ CPU fitted to a Socket AM3 motherboard ‘may not be stable enough to provide reliable computing’.  This would pour chilled water on those who would think that the AM3+ socket would be backwards compatable with any AM3 motherboard that has the necessary BIOS update.

ASRock said the new CPUs and sockets support a 3.4MHz ‘Serial VID’ rather than the 400KHz frequency currently used.

This means that there is a faster link between CPU and power controller. This allows AM3+ motherboards to ‘have better power management and power saving.’

According to Bittech,  this is backed up by ASRock’s more efficient loadline design which the outfit said is designed to meet AMD’s requirements and provide an efficient power supply that will result in ‘11.8 percent better CPU power saving.’

The ASRock guide claims that the maximum electrical current required for Socket AM3+ CPUs will rise to 145A, compared with the 110A of AM3 chips.

ASRock has revealed nine motherboards will have the new Socket AM3+ CPU socket. They all use current-generation AMD 8-series chipsets and 7- and 8-series Southbridges. This probably means that the new AM3+ CPUs don’t look as though they’re going to be accompanied by a new range of chipsets.