ASML tipped for monopoly on 20nm process equipment

Already considered one of Europe’s most valuable semiconductor companies, ASML is really dominating the world in lithography.

Mike Bryant, CTO of FutureHorizons, told TechEye the Dutch manufacturer is set to benefit even more as firms move to lower processes and extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV), which will be used in next generation chip production, becomes commercialised.

Threatening an even greater monopoly than Intel sees in the chip market, ASML holds the key to operating 20nm processes and below with 450mm wafer production. Major chip producers have talked up moves to the 20nm process on the next generation of wafers, only for ASML bosses to wonder why they hadn’t received any equipment orders yet.  ASML won’t have the technology ready for the likes of TSMC until 2015. 

The firm has already been seeing its profits soar, and it has only really beginning to see its EUV shipped out for development processes.

It may be some time before EUV is widely used for production, but when it does, ASML is going to be bombarded with orders for its equipment.  ASML could be a fair bet to see some increases in its value long term, with its recent sales records continuing to jump higher and higher. 

This could be even higher if the firm decides to start charging more for its equipment, with the company keen to keep good relations with its partners at the moment.

If the likes of TSMC and others are going to move quickly to lower processes then ASML will be the benefactor, with the massive foundry already buying up equipment from the Dutch company.