Arrandale shortages getting worse

Intel’s Arrandale chip is getting harder to find than a Nottingham virgin.

Reports from distributors and analysts are saying that the shortage of Intel’s latest mobile processors is getting much worse and could last all the way through April.

This will cause problems for PC-makers look to refresh product lines and could result in three month delays in product rollouts.

Apparently the limited supply of Arrandale CPUs has also elevated bids to 20 per cent over contract prices.

This is only bad news for the manufacturers because in the current market they can’t risk trying to pass the increased cost onto punters.

According to IDC, it is mostly smaller PC vendors that are affected, as big players have the muscle to get what they want.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently acknowledged the problem, saying the company is “slightly behind” but that it should catch up to demand over the course of the second quarter.