ARM wrestles with Intel on micro servers

AMD is ready to release an ARM-based server platform in the fourth quarter and the dark satanic rumour mill suggests that it is going to give Chipzilla a kicking on price.

To defend its micro-server business, Intel released 22nm 64-bit Atom series processors code named Avoton in the second half of 2013. Word on the street is that Avoton did rather well and received orders from many server vendors.

AMD’s general manager of x86/ARM Server Business Unit Suresh Gopalakrishnan told Digitimes  his outfit’s ARM-based server processors have entered the sample testing phase. He said that almost all the data centres have used the x86 platform for their servers, but as more applications are designed with the ARM platform, Gopalakrishnan expects about 10 percent of data centres to adopt the ARM-based platform in 2017 and the percentage will rise to a quarter by 2019.

While AMD will continue to focus on developing x86-based products, it will use them for the high-performance server market. It will use ARM-based products to handle the entry-level application market.