ARM will be a key PC player soon

The fortune telling division of  IDC has been consulting its tarot cards and come to the conclusion that ARM will have worked its way up to represent 13 percent of the PC market.

Shane Rau wrote  that by 2015, IDC expects that over 13 percent of PC processors will be based on the ARM architecture.

Suddenly the reason for Microsoft making sure that its Windows 8 operating system will run on Arm chips by 2012-2013 makes some kind of sense.

Vole appears to expect ARM-based PCs running Windows and it wants to make sure that it is selling the default software.

ARM has wormed its way into tablets and these are expected to grow in power so that they can be useful.

IDC said global PC microprocessor unit shipments were up 7.4 percent year over year the first quarter. For the full year, IDC raised its forecast for year-over-year growth in PC (mobile, desktop, x86 server) microprocessor unit shipments in 2011 from 10.1 percent to 10.3 percent.

Rau said that demand for the second half of this year looks decent. The earthquake and tsunami had minor effects on the PC supply chain.

However he thinks that there is a near-to-mid term worry that there will be a downturn in  Japanese demand for PCs and so microprocessors.

He added that market revenue for the year is expected to grow 17.6 percent to nearly $43 billion.

In the first quarter, PC processor shares were stable with Intel having an 80.8 percent market share while AMD maintained its 18.9 per cent share.

Normally the first quarter is weak, but this time it was strong in terms of unit shipments.

Both Intel and AMD grew unit shipments sequentially, which indicates some decent strength in their new platforms., he said.