ARM warns Intel that the "British are Coming"

ARM boss Warren East claims that Intel is doomed to become a niche player in the future because it has not capitalised on the mobile arena fast enough.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, East said that despite the fact that Intel’s revenues are more than 100 times greater than ARM , the fact that more people want mobile devices has sentenced Chipzilla to being a baby lizard in the future.

East insists it is not the size of your portfolio that counts, but how you use it. In terms of influence, ARM is the most influential microchip firm in the world, East claimed.

While Intel dominates the market for microchips in PCs, that sector is so 1990s and stagnant compared to that for smartphones and tablets. In the West everyone who wants a PC has one while Tablets and Smartphone use is growing.

East says that Intel has been successful in what is becoming a niche market and it has been unable to break the British mobile computing stranglehold.  ARM is also ahead in the growing market for “embedded systems”.

Of course, East is all excited about the ARM Cortex-A15, expected to be used in forthcoming “superphones” from Apple, Samsung and their rivals. He thinks that this chip is powerful enough to step on Intel’s niche and cause all sorts of problems.

East seems to be wanting to send out a message to all those who failed to pay their tea tax over the pond. Following the somewhat stupid purchase of Autonomy last year, ARM is the last British technology outfit of any significance. East warned Intel that the British are coming and this time the French will not be around to bail them out. The Jellograph is here.