ARM up, boosted by smartphone and tablet sales

Plucky British company ARM signed up 29 smartphone and tablet processor licences in its financial second quarter, showing a 31 percent increase in revenues compared to the same quarter in 2010.

It said that 1.1 billion ARM processors shipped into smartphones and into tablets, sending a worrying message to Intel, which wants to be the leader in that marketplace. It signed nine Cortex-A series licences, plus two Cortex-A15 licences for servers. It also signed 12 Cortex-M series licences – this is microcontroller business.

CEO Warren East said that in the first half of this year, ARM had seen “strong licence revenues, driven by an increase in design activity around ARM technology across a broad range of end applications”.

He claimed that major chip vendors and companies selling consumer electronics have made long term commitments to using ARM based chips for future products. That makes him feel optimistic about the future of the company.

ARM made a £54.2 million profit before tax, compared to a profit of £43.5 million in the same quarter last year.