ARM throws Spear at processor market

ST Microelectronics said it will use the ARM Cortex-A9 processor core for members if its family of SPEAR (structured processor enhanced architecture) embedded microprocessors.

The Spear 1300 uses dual ARM Cortex-A9 processors using DDR3 and made on ST Micro’s 55 nanometer high speed CMOS tech.

The dual ARM CPUs support fully symmetrical operation at speeds of up to 600MHz per core.

Spear family

The Spears also use ST Micro’s network on chip technology for connecting internal peripherals.

Chips have already started sampling to selected customers.  The Spear 1300 will support PCIe, S-ATA, USB and Ethernet and make the CPU aimed at applications including networking, thin clients, video conferencing and factory automation, said ST Micro.

Other features of the Spear 1300 include 1.3 million gates of configurable logic, 256-bit key hardware encryption/decryption and an accelerator coherence port.