ARM thinks it can get AMD to drop x86

British chip designer ARM is working on AMD to drop x86 from its line-up.

ARM wants AMD to license ARM processors and use them instead of the x86 architecture. So far ARM has been quite good at persuading people to give it some ground.

For example, it has managed to convince Microsoft to support its full Windows operating system running on ARM processors.

It is possible that AMD could amend its Fusion architecture to include both x86 and ARM CPU cores plus graphics cores in a heterogeneous multiprocessor, according to the EE Times.

But there is also the possibility that AMD might choose to abandon difficult and expensive attempts to develop its own multicore x86 architecture in competition with Intel and, instead, allow ARM to provide its cores.

Of course, James Blunt might also produce a song that sounds good, but we don’t hold our breath.

ARM CEO Warren East is still hopeful. He said that AMD is a successful company selling microprocessors. ARM is in the business of licensing microprocessor designs. It is perfectly natural “that we should have been trying to sell microprocessor designs to AMD for about the last ten years”.

However, East claimed that AMD had signaled it is going through a strategic rethink, and that must provide a heightened opportunity for ARM.

It might use ARM microprocessors in the future, East said, and you’ve “got to expect that we would be trying to persuade them of that.”