ARM taunts Intel over chip technology

Plucky British firm ARM thinks that Intel will lose market share as it readies its own plans for world domination.

According to reliable sources trusted by ARM, the company thinks that future technology it has up its sleeves will cause Intel to shiver its timbers.

Intel, which used to have ARM technology in the shape of Xscale, is now putting its weight behind Atom processors but the world+dog awaits with interest notice of design wins for the little chip that it thinks everyone should adopt.

The source told TechEye that it is far easier for ARM to power up than for Intel to power down. It can launch a quad core ARM design today if it wanted to, and the chip giant can simply not catch up to its designs.

And there’s worse news for Intel, if the ARM sources are to be believes. It is privately boasting it will make design wins in the laptop arena too.

Was it not Jamie Minotto who said many years ago that companies had to be very careful messing with Intel? Did he not say it is only a fool that steps on the tail of a tiger? [He did, Ed.]