ARM targets universities

ARM logoBritish semiconductor company ARM said it has introduced an initiative that will give universities more access to hardware, software tools and academic material as part of the a worldwide plan.

ARM said it will launch a university alliance partnership and will team with a number of Chinese technology companies to offer up to date platforms and tools. Chinese companies cooperating in the programme include Beijing Chukong Technology and GigaDevice Semiconductor Beijing.

Khaled Benkrid, manager of ARM’s worldwide university programme, said the move builds on its existing teaching tools programme, but will expand the range of technologies and expertise available to engineering graduates and undergraduates.

Benkrid said that the programme will anticipate future industry trends with regularly updated curricula. “This is a vital step to support academics as the pace of technological change exceeds their ability to keep up, especially given the pressures of balancing teaching with research,” Benkrid said.

Alex Deng, general manager at GigaDevice, said that because of the growth of the industry in China, graduates need to have the necessary skills to sustain that. “We see this ARM university programme alliance initiative as a key to enabling this,” said Deng.