ARM shakes Intel’s timbers by talking 64 bit

Chip design ‘upstart’ ARM is pressing its advantages by presenting details of its 64 bit designs that are in the pipeline. But the pipeline isn’t going to gush for ARM 64-bit microprocessors until next year and it will be quite a bit longer before they’re suitable for enterprise level machines.

EE Times reports that its CTO, Mike Muller, described the v8 architecture as suitable for both enterprise and the gadget market.

Sylvie Barak, at EE Times,  records Muller as saying that Intel’s strategy on cores was a reasonable enough trend but that Moore’s Law wasn’t going to save the chip giant’s bacon.

At an analyst conference call last week, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said that ARM chips were all very well and good but the advantages of its lead in process manufacturing meant that it would maintain the lead position in microprocessors too.

The 64 bit V8 family is backwards compatible with ARM designed 32 bit cores.

Earlier this week, reports suggested that HP was toying with using ARM based processors for some of its enterprise server range.