ARM says it'll win media processing battle

While Intel pins its hopes on media processing, its biggest rival in ARM thinks its IP will win out in the end.

Talking to a spokesperson, we were pointed to the latest slides showing off Mali. Does ARM believe it will win in the end – with media processing? “Yes I do. You’ll see we’ve been very successful in the home segment, in digital TV and set top boxes.

“It’s the next largest segment by volume after mobile computing, so we’re very very pleased with that. We’ve got a large section of the digital TV market coming up. Shortly, towards the end of the year, you should see a number of Mali enabled devices start to appear.”

ARM thinks that low power really is vital to the IP licensing company’s huge successes. Of course, Intel is working hard behind the scenes to eke more performance out of lower powers, but as ARM’s Ian Drew said at Computex, ARM has always been low power.

“It transpires that the technological drivers, which is about performance within an energy budget, turns out to be the driver for a number of market segments,” we’re told.

“It’s the right thing to do in almost every segment, even right up into servers.”