ARM promises desktop-class graphics with Mali T658 GPU

ARM has announced its Mali T658 GPU which it claims will be solely for high performance devices like ‘superphones’, tablets and smart TVs.

The Cambridge company says the T658 can muster ten times the graphical might of the Mali 400 MP GPU, the sort found in Samsung’s Galaxy SII phone. 

Key partners include Fujitsu, LG, Nufront and Samsung, so we can expect to see the T658 tipping up soon. The T658 has scalability for eight cores, and, the company claims, has doubled the number of arithmetic pipelines within the cores. It works with ARMv8 architecture.

The GPU supports DirectX 11, OpenGL, Google Rendescript, OpenVG, OpenCL and DirectCompute. 

ARM is keen to talk up its BIG.little (we know) processing, and says the GPU will work well with the Cortex A15 and A7 in that mode or standalone. 

In a statement, Pete Hutton, general manager of ARM’s media processing division said the GPU will introduce “slick user interfaces” and “desktop-class graphics”.

What we can expect, according to ARM, is true augmented reality and high definition gaming.