ARM posts Q3 financials

Here comes ARM’s third quarter results, ending 30 September 2011, and they look rather good. Q3 2011’s revenue figure sits at $192.3 million, or a 22 percent increase from the same time last year.

Furthermore, that means its year to date revenue is $568 million, up from $451.7 million at the same time last year in 2010, or a 26 percent boost. In a statement, ARM was keen to highlight the growth of its licensing – claiming in Q3 it won 14 new customers, many of them established semiconductor companies making their first ARM buy. With it came 28 processor licenses, among them nine Cortex-A and 14 Cortex-M series.

Its investor relations statement tells the financial backers that ARM is found in all sorts of market segments, like automotive applications, computers, microcontrollers, mobile phones, enterprise networking, sensors and smartcards. The Cambridge-based company hopes to expand on those markets even further. 

ARM says the shipment figures for processors using ARM technology are impressive. 1 billion shipped in mobile phones and mobile computers, it claims, or a 10 percent increase year on year.

That’s twinned nicely with 0.9 billion chips shipped for consumer and embedded digital devices, or a 50 percent year on year increase.

CEO Warren East says that, despite royalty revenues taking something of a dive for Q3, which ARM blames on lower than expected seasonal growth, the outfit is continuing to gain share. In what could be perceived as a dig at the competition, East says ARM saw “a continued high level of design activity with many new customers licensing ARM technology for the first time, driven by end market requirements for smarter, low-power chips”.

ARM thinks its full year 2011 revenues will fit in with current market expectations of roughly $763 million.