ARM plots world domination with Cortex A7

ARM has announced its Cortex A7 MPCore to considerable fanfare, with its CEO claiming that it will bring about a revolution in computing.

ARM reckons it has cracked the challenge of high processing power with very little energy draw in a chip that will enable smartphones under the $100 mark.  

ARM claims the A7 delivers five times the energy efficiency of the previous A8 Cortex chip, and is just one fifth the size.  ARM says that the real star of the show is its big.LITTLE processing which combines the ultra efficient Cortex A7 with the high power A15.

The little and large processing idea enables skipping from intensive tasks to ones which require less power very quickly, with no application software or middleware needed to select it.

The 28 nanometre chip, which takes up less than 0.5mm2, is expected to give the same processing performance of the likes of the Galaxy Nexus or iPhone for significantly less by around 2013.

Essentially ARM hopes to make this an entry level phone standard, and has talked up “redefining usage in the developing world” by helping a billion people connect to the internet.

It is not unusual for companies to claim that their latest product is the best thing since, well, their last product.  But this is certainly fighting talk, and if ARM is to reach is impressive ambitions then Intel will be in for a fright. Intel claims it has mobile sorted and is telling the world to wait and see.

Surely Intel must have something up its sleeves, TechEye pondered, but Chipzilla refused to comment on future products.