ARM opens SoC design centre in Taiwan

ARM’s Tudor Brown flew to Hsinchu Science Park in northern Taiwan to announce a new design centre which will help the company continue to grow in the APAC region.

We don’t know if, like Intel, ARM claims to refuse first class tickets even for its top execs. Hsinchu is rather a long way from Cambridge.

ARM claims that Taiwan and the asia pacific region is very important to it. Speaking to local media at a briefing in Taipei, Tudor Brown told the room that over half of ARM’s 7-billion chips over the last year were made in Taiwan. We’re guessing TSMC and UMC.

It’s ARM’s 11th design centre away from home, reports the Taipei Times. Tudor Brown claimed the centre would “add a catalyst to” ARM’s partners. This centre will focus specifically on advanced system on chip design based on ARM’s intellectual property. 

For now, the centre will employ just eight staff, though ARM plans to bump that up by half over the coming years. 

The centre has ARM’s backing to the tune of $1.7 million.