ARM on Windows hardware might be years away

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that it will take a long time to produce ARM-based devices running Windows 8.

Digitimes claims that while ARM has been stealing all the headlines by getting Microsoft to run Windows 8 on its chips, in actual fact they will lag a long way behind Windows 8 for x86.

In fact Digitimes suggests that we will not see an ARM tablet with Windows 8 until mid-2013, if we are lucky.

Some of the problems are coming from developers and manufacturers who don’t want to rewrite code to work on ARM designs.

Digitimes’ sources claim that Windows on ARM devices may not really become broadly adopted in the marketplace until 2015.

But that could be the tipping point where ARM provides a challenge to Intel and AMD devices running Windows 8. By then of course Intel has its Ivy Bridge platform and Haswell will be ready around the time that the ARM on Windows chips are baked. Ivy Bridge and Haswell are supposed to be low-power but have high performance.

The problem is that Asus has already said that it will release two “hero tablets” running Windows 8 on ARM in Q3 of 2012, so Digitimes might not have got the full story. Microsoft has been saying that it will be ready by the middle of 2012 too.