ARM, Microsoft boost AMD Fusion

Chip company AMD said that it has lined up executives from Microsoft and ARM for its Fusion Developer Summit in mid-June.

And, at the same time, forecasts have emerged of the number of Fusion GPUs the company expects to ship.

The AMD jamboree, to be held in Bellevue, Washington, includes a chat from Microsoft’s Herb Sutter – chief architect of languages – and he will expound on heteregeneous parallelism.  ARM’s VP of tech, Jem Davies, will chat about his company’s support of Open CL, and heteregeneous computing. The conference will focus on next gen user interfaces, parallel programming tools, and over 90 technology sessions.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese wire Digitimes reported that Intel’s Llano processor, built by GlobalFoundries (GloFo), will ship in June or July and ship three million units in calendar quarter three this year.  It quotes unnamed sources from manufacturers of motherboards.

The wire adds that 28 nanometre Krishna and Wichita and its Southern Island GPU have taped out. That report is here.

Meanwhile LG Electronics has penned a licensing agreement with ARM which will give it access to the Cortex processor and the Mali GPU. That’ll include the Cortex-A15 MPCore and Cortex-A9 MPCore processors along with the ARM Mali-T604 GPU and ARM CoreLink interconnect and system IP.

The applications will be what you’d pretty much expect from LG: smart grids, digital TV, set top boxes, and of course mobiles and tablets