ARM is armless against Intel

A top beancounter has dismissed claims that Intel’s Golden Age is over and it is about to lose ground to the more upwardly mobile ARM.

According to Forbes, Credit Suisse analyst John Pitzer was having a look at the figures and, after dividing by his shoe size and adding the numbers of his mother’s maiden name, came to the conclusion that Chipzilla was here to stay.

Lately Intel has been hit by a lot of nay-sayers who have been saying nay more often than the winner of the first race at Ascot. They claim that Intel is about to be out-evolved by ARM because it failed to spot the sudden rush to mobile. Their comments have been echoed by ARM itself which has warned that Intel will become a niche player while ARM will be as universal as an omnipresent deity who has decided it needs to get out more.

But Pitzer claims that the threat to Intel from ARM is “significantly less significant than perceived” which is about as “signficant” an answer as you can expect from an analyst.

The analyst repeated his Outperform rating on the stock.

Pitzer had spend the day grilling Intel’s London execs to see what they were doing. He thinks that in the long term Chipzilla has shedloads of growth opportunities in emerging markets.

He thinks that there should be loads of upgrade opportunities around Ultrabooks and Windows 8, setting up for a more robust than expected consumer PC market in the second half of 2012.

ARM is not as much of a threat than the Street tends to believe, although the company might do well as its chips start to be used for big data projects.