ARM-Intel chip skirmishes degenerate into total war

So let’s get this right. British upstart ARM is telling the world+dog that it is going to dominate the notebook and netbook markets, while Intel is telling the dog+world that it is going to dominate the market for chips in smartphones.

Igo, Ego, Meego, Yougo, anything and everything appears to go in this strange world in Old Taipei with TechEye not being invited to the ARM ball. Or should that be balls up? Behind the scenes, Intel is livid at ARM, even though of course they are valued colleagues and partners. If ARM gets into bed with AMD, and that is the latest bulletin from the Old Taipei front, we suspect Chipzilla will get really really mad.

An observer present at a pre-Computex press event held before the Mageeks flew into Old Taipei tell us that the said event was a total shambles. At one point the ARM presenter had a whole lot of difficulties telling his tale of total world domination because the slide was white text on a white background. What the slide said, he had little chance to relate because he and his audience couldn’t read the slide. White noise?

Be that as it was, other strange rumours circulate at the show – which by the way has only just opened. One source close to the hot chili source tells TechEye that ATIC – you remember ATIC. It’s the Abu Dhabi lot that baled out AMD by helping it to spin off GlobalFoundries (GloFo) as a separate organisation. Well the rumour is that is in advanced talks with ARM to possibly negotiate a brokered deal where the plucky British organisation is somehow yoked to Advanced Micro Devices. And why hasn’t AMD got a new CEO yet? Word here from someone in the know is that the CEO seat at AMD is the equivalent of the Arthurian Siege Perilous. You know, come on. Start reading Mallory or something.

And what it is with GloFo anyway? Scheduled talks it had organised with journalists here in Old Taipei were mysteriously cancelled “because of a clash of dates”.  Stranger and stranger. ARM won’t talk to TechEye anymore because it threw its toys out of its PRAM over a story we wrote a month or more back. More as it happens from this war correspondent.