ARM: IBM Power licensing is "validation" of IP model

Following the news that IBM is seeking to claw back more market share with its Power chips by adopting an ARM-style attitude to licencing, ARM’s CMO and EVP business development has told TechEye the adoption of this model serves as a validation to its approach.

In an interview, Drew said: “We saw this announcement and it basically validates a lot of things we’ve been saying in the server market – that people are looking for new ideas, and differentiation in the market, and I think the IP way is the way forward”.

Commenting on how this will affect the top current player in servers, Intel, Drew said: “It’s not going to make it any easier for them – ultimately it’s a battle of horizontal versus a vertical business model.

“Even Intel said that they’re looking at doing customisable chips, so I think that validates exactly what we’re doing”.

TechEye asked whether it was a question of company versus company per se, but instead about the emergence of the successful models we’re going to see.

“I think in the server market you’ll need differentiation,” Drew said. “And I think differentiation comes from ecosystems, multiple players, and listening to what the customer really wants. One size does not fit all. I think we’ll see that in the server space the same as it’s been in the phone and the tablet space. It’s a business model conversation, even more than it is a technology conversation”.

Drew added that “momentum continues around building ARM in the server space”.

“We’re really pleased with that,” Drew said. “It’s continuing along at a faster pace than we could have imagined two years ago. If you look at some of the announcements that have come out, the way in which software has been adopted, I’m really pleased with it”.