ARM has plans for HPC and cloud

The humbled Ian Drew, who used to be at Intel but is now at ARM, presented to a room of well-moneyed potential partners here in Taipei, exactly the kind of folk who are the company’s bread and butter. ARM means business, and it has plans for high powered computing (HPC) and the cloud. Sound like anyone else we know? Drew opened by saying he was really humbled to be presenting to the audience.

The company’s “2020 vision” is to move into new markets, like HPC and Cloud. Drew encourages partners to get in touch because ARM licences are golden. It only makes ARM money if licensees make money too, he said. 

Investors at the talk are prospective clients. The Asia APAC region provides just under half of ARM’s revenue at 46 percent, he says.  Europe is 14 while North America is 40. 

The art of seduction is alive and well, with promises that ARM doesn’t “just put together a vertical solution. We have to enable this industry with an ecosystem to grow.” That’s a dig at Intel.

He says ARM really encourages outsourcing. “We feel in the next ten years outsourcing will be the way forwards.”

Looking at the bigger picture ARM says the trend right now is functionality and energy. Certainly seems that way, with long lasting computers and tablets on everyone’s agenda.  Low power hardware “is really the future driver.” We can expect different ways to charge our devices in the next ten years, even something like harvesting energy from everyone else’s kit.

It can talk all day about power management because ARM had “low power design from day one”. Intel dig two spotted and confirmed.

And remember, Drew states, ARM doesn’t believe that when it comes to computer chips, one size doesn’t fit all. 

And “opportunities are best with ARM”.

And “We don’t categorise products”.

And “Multiple choice is significantly better than that”.

“There are always little digs,” a spokesperson for Intel said.