ARM exec says Intel should abandon x86, make ARM chips

One of the advantages of CES is that it means IT companies can come up with stupid or overly optimistic statements early in the year and people will have forgotten them by July.

This year it was ARM’s lead mobile strategist , James Bruce, who came up with the goods.

Silconbeat  did not mention if Bruce was tired and emotional when he claimed that Intel should abandon x86 and move to ARM, but it does seem that he has started to believe his own spin.

Bruce did not comment on whether that daft idea might soon become a possibility, but he did like it.

We assume that he was talking about mobile, where Intel is coming in late and ARM is the market leader. ARM is to PC what Intel is to mobile and so has little chance of getting into that market anytime soon.

Bruce’s logic was that Intel had the best fabrication plants in the world, and putting the best mobile processor, which is ARM, in them would be a way forward.

He said that without ARM, Intel is making no headway in the marketplace and 7.9 billion ARM-based chips were shipped inside of various devices last year.

Bruce said that Intel’s share of the market is only 0.2 percent. While that’s better than a year ago, it’s obviously still a very small drop in the bucket of the overall market.

To make matters worse Intel is not making the money it’s invested in the effort back.

So the answer for Intel is to forget all about x86 in mobile and to just licence chip design from ARM. It will make a killing and everyone will be happy.

Of course, everyone will have forgotten Bruce said that by the middle of the year and Intel has made a few more inroads into ARM’s market.