ARM CEO has high hopes for Windows RT

ARM CEO Warren East still thinks Windows RT could be a success. During an interview at the sidelines of MWC in Barcelona, East said Microsoft will learn from its mistakes with RT and offer a better product. 

“I’m well aware there is a perceived wisdom that RT hasn’t been as successful as lots of people thought it was going be. Quite certainly I’m sanguine about it,” he told Infoworld.

Sales of Windows RT devices remain sluggish and vendors aren’t rushing to introduce new models. Acer announced that it will join the RT club this year, although it played it safe and did not introduce any products in 2012.

East argued that Microsoft doesn’t operate on the “wow” end of the market, but it still ships significant volumes. East hinted at a 64-bit version of Windows RT, which is in line with ARM’s strategic thinking.

Although ARM chips are still 32-bit, ARM’s new ARMv8 architecture should bring 64-bit chips to mainstream consumers. However, volume shipments of 64-bit ARM parts are not expected until 2015.

In any case, ARM is probably not too concerned, as its chips are used in practically all competing platforms, from Android and iOS, to Blackberry and Chrome OS.