ARM buys security company

ARM logoUK semiconductor design firm ARM said it bought an Israeli based company yesterday to bolster security for designs.

Sansa Security provides hardware security and software for system on a chip semiconductors used in the internet of things.

Sansa intellectual property is already embedded in over 150 million products and used in smart connected devices and enterprise systems.

ARM didn’t say how much it paid for Sansa, but Mike Muller, the company’s chief technology officer spelled out the reasons it bought the firm.

“Any connected device could be a target for a malicious attack so we must embed security at every potential attack point. Protection against hackers works best when it is multi-layered, so we are extending our security technology into hardware susbsystems and trusted software.”

ARM already has its own embedded TrustZone technology and it claims the acquisition will allow for the protection of connected devices and managing sensitive data.