ARM boss says Intel on mobile is generations behind

ARM boss Warren East has publicly said that Intel’s new mobile technology is good, but not ARM-good.

The Cambridge based chip licensing company has won over mobile vendors by offering flexible, low-powered yet powerful technology. Intel was considered late to the party. Industry watchers were wondering for years when it would finally take the plunge into mobile, and hopes were down when in 2011 it canned its doomed MeeGo project. But at MWC this year, chief exec Otellini demonstrated a line of mobile products to finally get Intel under the bonnet in mobile, and a partnership with Orange.

But ARM’s East said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Europe that Intel is “still a generation or two behind”.

Regardless, he told the WSJ’s Ben Rooney that he’d be a fool not to take the Intel threat seriously. Intel is top dog in semiconductors worldwide and its manufacturing technology is excellent, East said.

ARM’s boss said: “Of course we need to be somewhat concerned”.

Intel representatives have argued in the past that winning the end game isn’t about being the first to market, but being the best in the market.