ARM boss rubbishes Intel mobile chips

Someone’s having a go at Intel on mobile, and it’s the retiring but not shy ARM boss Tudor brown. 

City AM reports ARM head Tudor Brown as rubbishing Intel’s claims that it will be able to tackle the mobile market.  He declared that Intel has been quick to hype up its efforts with marketing that hasn’t really gone anywhere.

“I can’t take it seriously,” Brown said. And even if a mobile chip exists, Brown said he “cannot accept Intel’s solution can be as cheap as ARM’s solution.”

“There are always digs,” one Intel spokesperson told us about ARM’s public statements, earlier this year.

Brown also said, according to City AM, that ARM’s licensing revenues won’t take in as much as they had done for 2011. That’s in line with analyst expectations for the semiconductor market resembling a blindfolded trip to the top of Mount Doom, before some recovery in 2013. 

Brown, 52, will be retiring from ARM in 2012 after 21 years with the company.