ARM boosts profits by 167 percent

Plucky British business ARM Holdings declared its financial results for its second quarter and the only way for the company appears to be up.

ARM turned in revenues of £100 million and pre-tax profit of £43.5 million. That represents increases of revenues by 42 percent compared to the same quarter last year, but profits before tax rose by 167 percent, quarter on quarter, year on year.

Warren East – pictured, not full size – said that there is an average of 2.6 chips based on its intellectual property in mobile phones. During the quarter it signed up its third lead licensee for its forthcoming Eagle Cortex-A class processor.

It declared it had strong YoY growth for shipments of ARM based chips into digiTVs, disk drives and microcontrollers.

It signed up 13 processor licences while Freescale voted with its feet and plumped for ARM IP too.  So did Microsoft.

Microsoft signed up for a period of years to be at the cutting edge of ARM technology, said ARM. But the quarter two results ended 30 June 2010 and ARM announced that last week, so we don’t know if the Vole should be shoehorned into its Q2 results.

No doubt, all will become clear.