ARM announces the Mali T604 GPU

ARM has launched its Mali T604 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

The GPU is said to provide better graphics in next generation electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets and TVs.  It’s also a lot faster than previous devices in the Mali range with ARM claiming that it offers up to five times the performance of earlier models. It is also more energy efficient.

ARM is currently licensing the product out to its partners with Samsung being the first to get its mitts on the technology.   

“Visual computing is driving the next generation of consumer electronics, as consumers and developers demand the highest levels of graphics performance”, said Lance Howarth, EVP and general manager, at ARM’s Media Processing Division.  “The tri-pipe architecture in the Mali-T604 provides both market leading compute functionality and high-performance graphics without compromise, enabling unequalled user experiences in energy-efficient consumer electronic devices.”  

According to ARM the tri-pipe graphics architecture within the Mali-T604 GPU will help with the computing intensive demand that will be found in next gen UIs. It will enable higher quality graphics, too, and reduces memory bandwidth by up to 30 percent.