Arctic Cooling to sue AMD

The maker of PSUs, Arctic Cooling, is suing AMD over the use of the Fusion name.

Arctic has been using the Fusion brand to sell its power supply units for some time now but we would be hard pressed to find someone who could confuse a power supply with a chip that integrates x86 processing cores with Radeon stream processors on the same piece of silicon.

Actually, come to think of it there are a few people who would confuse the two, but they are not the sort of people who would buy either products.

According to, Arctic has had the trademark for ages. The company attempted to negotiate with AMD, but the fabless chipmaker hired a law firm to help with the negotiations, which was pretty much the end of things.

Arctic made its final offer ​for a general licence but the lawyers said the offer was unacceptable.

The royalty payment offered by AMD was actually below the cost for attorney’s fees already incurred, Arctic claimed.