Apple snubs Intel as Qualcomm gets blessing

A report in the Taiwan Economic News has highlighted the hidden war between Apple and Intel – they don’t love each other much, you know.

According to the report, Apple has selected Qualcomm over Infineon to make 3G wireless chips for the iPhone 5 and for the iPad 2.  Infineon would have got the order, but of course Intel took over the wireless division of the German outfit just a little while back.

Qualcomm will use Number One Foundry TSMC to make chips on a 65 nanometre process, the report continued. Infineon had been Apple’s favoured supplier for all generations of the iPhone. No doubt GlobalFoundries would love some of this action.

The same report, here, speculates that Broadcom has also got the heave ho from Apple, with Qualcomm receiving Apple’s blessings to make iPad 2 baseband chips.