Apple planning chip changes for iPhone 5

Apple is less interested in Infineon’s baseband chip now that the outfit has been bought by Intel.

Rumours are starting to spin out from Cappuccino that Jobs’ Mob is not that happy using Infineon’s chip. It is not clear that the outfit falling into the clutches of Chipzilla is the reason for the change of heart.

Infineon has been the baseband chip supplier for the iPhones and the iPad 3G. It seems that the fruity toymaker has ruled that the baseband chips for the iPhone 5 will come from Qualcomm, not Infineon.

Apple wants to design the application processor itself in a similar way to what Jobs did with the A4 inside the iPad, iPhone 4 and the newest iPod Touch.

If the Intel buyout is not the reason for the change, after all Jobs uses Intel gear in his expensive iMac toys, then the reason could have something to do with another mythical happening.

For the last year the rumour-mill has been talking about a CDMA iPhone which can be used for the likes of Verizon and Sprint in the US. We say a myth because it required Apple to be up-front about its plans to axe exclusivity deals with AT&T.

But the problem is that would mean having to go with a Qualcomm baseband chip which invented CDMA. If Apple goes for Qualcomm for a CDMA iPhone then Jobs might as well give the whole business to Qualcomm and get a discount for a larger project.

All this is rumour and speculation, and might be just a leak from Apple to see what the feeling is out there. However the rumours are mostly being started in China,  so it is not clear how true they are.