Apple patents new A4 chip

Jobs’ Mob has popped around to the US Patent Office and applied for a patent for a new A4 chip to go under the bonnet of its future super, magical, game-changing gadgets.

According to Patently Apple  the newly published patent application from Apple reveals systems and methods for providing a system-on-a-substrate related to the A4 processor used in the iPad and iPhone 4.

Apple had designed the A4 chip to be absolutely perfect. It was supposed to be a powerful and power-efficient mobile processor, able to easily perform complex jobs such as multitasking, editing video, and placing FaceTime calls, while maximising battery life.

Yet the problem was that Apple wants devices to get much smaller and the A4 was just too damn big to fit into Apple’s plans for reducing the total size of a system’s circuitry by providing all of the components of the system on the same microchip.

Apple mentions a ‘computer’ in the patent which is a little odd because the A4 whatever size it is is not the sort of thing you want to shove in a computer, unless it is a netbook, something Steve Jobs refuses to make.

However, it is possible that it could end up alongside another chip in something like an iMac touch to provide the additional juice for touch related functionality.

Other uses could see it involved in Apple’s forthcoming Apple TV update which might be announced tomorrow.

Apple’s patent shows a printed circuit board that could be used for linking the components of the system when the components are all thinking differently. In the diagram a processor, memory microchip and one or more capacitors are shown all being linked through the PCB. All this would use conductive pathways or wiring to provide electrical connections between the various entities of the system to couple them.